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This site is a sloppy collection of poorly written pages about nonsense projects involving electricity and electronics, with a focus on high voltage/high energy experiments.

The most popular thing here is the quarter crusher. It's basically a device that smashes a coin into itself from the outside without making contact with the metal itself. This allows all details of the coint to be preserved. The ridges are still there, and the surface details are left for the most part intact. A powerful magnetic field is used to crush the coin. Under the correct conditions a coin is repelled by a magnetic field, and if this field surrounds the coin it has nowhere to go but inwards. The source of the energy is a high voltage capacitor bank charged to approximately 35,000 volts. This capacitor bank stores about 10000 Joules of energy which is the same as running say a 100 watt load such as a light bulb for 100 seconds or 1 watt load for 10,000 seconds.

Crushed coins are for sale if you want to buy one. Quarters are $15 each and I include the initial quarter. Most copper-based coins can be crushed as well. Email quarter @ symmetric.net for more information.

The rest of the stuff here is just nonsense I took the few minutes to sort of write up.

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