Above: Autoformer in a Box

The best part of the wiring at my current HQ is that it is too old to be
aluminum. The wiring goes everywhere. The microwave affects most rooms somehow
even though they have different breakers.

Computers like clean power. All the 120V outlets I found were lame. I do have
one 240V air conditioner outlet that seems to not be affected by the microwave.

An autoformer was needed. I had a 100/110/200/220V hamfest special sitting
around for a rainy day. It is a Basler Electric unit stamped "1KVA" which I
simply cannot believe. The transformer is the size of a 2kVA unit.

This transformer which Basler never sends me specs on is now housed in a metal
box with a circuit breaker on the input side. Output is about 120 to 125V which
is fine. The 100/110 and 200/220 windings are isolated from each other and
there is even what sppears to be a shield tied to the core. I rebonded the
ouput neutral to earth and chassis ground so I can claim to have an isolation
transformer. Wow, with a few capacitors I could even have a "noise filter" or
"power conditioner". 

My Wonderful Transformer in a box now powers two circa 1992 PowerVAR UPSes as
well as a few other pieces of electronics.

HooraY! for $7 transformers. This was also the first useful application of my
AMP insulated terminal crimp set.


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