HP oscilloscope Tetris is amusing

Home of the Chicago Quarter Crusher

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quarter crusher - make dime sized quarters with intense magnetic fields!

can crusher - crush pop cans with a magnetic field

bipolar cascade multiplier - it burned out while making 4.5" arcs

Tesla Coil - the new one will eventually be done

100Kv power supply for the x-ray tube I have to make next

Star Wars Super Capacitors - lots of voltage and energy

9kJ electrolytic capacitor bank - power the can crusher

InfraVision - total night vision for my video camera

Throne - rotating platform for my chair

pennies - they ARE useful

open CPUs while burning yourself

I wasted lots of time trying to save money

a useful mystery transformer

junk mobile


Unfinished sections and old projects

Tesla Coils - my previous coils

high voltage capacitors I made

Turbo Grafx-16 reverse engineered pinouts

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