Current Project:

X-Ray tube power supply. You never know when you need your own source of x-rays. I wish to get a
minimum of 100kV at 5 to 10mA using a 10+ stage cascade multiplier. Parts currently available are:

- 15	MuRata HiQ 2500pF 20kV ceramic doorknob caps
- 20	12kV 350mA Sanken HVR3-1X 3 recitfiers.
-  1	Actown 15kV @ 30mA neon sign transformer
-  1	Staco 1.4kVA autotransformer


Achieved about 70kV using an eight stage cascade multiplier and one leg of
a 15kV neon sigh transformer. Corona caused lots of hissing and probably losses as well.

Above: test jig of eight stage cascade multiplier. Input is controlled with a 0-120V autotransformer not pictured. The input of the multiuplier was upto 7.5kV from one leg of the 15kV neon sign transformer. Output was about 70kV due to corona losses.

Above: arcs to a MmmMmmMmm Sunkist Can!

Above: brush discharge over about 4"

Above: another single discharge to a grounded screw

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Updated: 01-24-2000
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